Beautiful Customization of Your App and Management Portal

You can now fully customize the look and feel of your App and Management Portal with a simple drag and drop.



How it Works

In just one simple drag and drop, both your App and Management Portal can be instantly customized with your logo and color theme with the exciting new customization page.

Go to Settings > Customize. Then simply drag and drop your logo onto the “Main Logo” upload button and watch the magic happen! Your color palette will be automatically generated from the colors in your logo and then it will instantly select the best color choice from the automated palette!

Don’t worry, if you don’t like our choice, you can use the color picker to select your own color theme from either your logo or from the full color range.


Your Management Portal, Your Logo

The Main logo you uploaded will be automatically added to your Management Portal, your default PDF reports, the Login Screen of your App and it will also be placed at the top of your App Forms. You can change the logos on the App Login Screen and at the top of your Forms by adding the Alternate Logos in the Customization page.

A really simple process to deliver a really impressive result providing a fully customized solution that will really impress your customers and team.

Formitize Customization – just another way we help you drive the professionalism of your business.


Formitize – making paperwork paperless.

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