Now you can run reports on anything!

One of the biggest advantages of smart forms is data reporting

Create Reports on Any Single Form Field in Seconds

Word documents, Triplicate Pads, PDF forms and other traditional form formats lack one very powerful element – data reporting.

Creat Reports on any single Formitize

The Old World

There is one massive problem with the old triplicate pads, PDF editors and word documents – you can’t analyse the data. This might not seem to be a problem until you realise what can be achieved when analysis is possible.

The old World before Formitize
Form Data in Formitize

The Power of Form Data

Imagine if you were able to unleash the data contained in the forms you complete. To be able to run a report on any field or question in any form. Formitize smart forms enable every single form field response to be available for reporting purposes and the opportunities are suddenly endless. 

Building Data Reports

With a few simple clicks using the Report Builder, you are able create reports on any single form and the data within it over any given time frame.

CSV Report Builder in Formitize
Pile of Binders

So Many Applications

Automating Time Sheets, Understanding Materials Used, Analysing Job Locations, Assessing Safety Inspection Results, Viewing Vehicle Safety Failures, Checking Logon Times, Understanding workflow behaviour…. the list is endless and power is awesome!

Saving Preset Templates

If you think you may use the report you created again, simply save it as a template and it will be available for future use.

Preset templates in Formitize

Download CSV

Once the report is complete is can be saved and downloaded as a CSV file. The file can be formatted to upload to external solutions or can be used for charting or further Business Intelligence.

Integration Formats

The Report Builder enables you to create CSV files in exactly the format needed for import into other solutions making form data integration available for any third party system. XML and other related integration services are also available.

integration in formitize

The New World

Now you have the ability to investigate and understand any single aspect of the data you collect and it really is so easy. In no time at all you will find so many really useful applications.

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Just Forms OR a Complete Business Solution

You can just use the forms for your business or you can benefit from all the other included business solutions.

Voice to Text and Recording

Complete safety form detail using standard keyboards or smart voice to text, perfect for longer, detailed comments and statements. Voice Recorder also included for real-voice files.

Nothing missed

Prevent missing information or signatures with Mandatory fields ensuring every required field is completed before the form can be submitted. No form information will ever be missed again.

Smart Question Routing

Smart question routing guides the user and presents only the sections and questions they need to see based on responses to previous questions. So much time saved and everything complete!

warehouse ipad worker
Sign on Glass

Integrated signatures can be captured on glass for both your team and your customers. Signatures can be automatically embedded in the correct location on the PDF and stored with the form.

Integrated Photos

Capture photos within the form and tag them with any form field data such as Time, Date, Location, User. The Drawing tool enables photos to be drawn on for additional information.

GPS, Date & Time Stamped

Every form submission is automatically GPS, time and date stamped. Each form is given a unique ID and comes with a complete audit history for instant search and tracking.

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