Smart, Paperless Safety Solutions

Keep you and your team safe – in the office, or in the field.

Safety Forms with Awesome Features

Everything you need to run your business from your mobile phone or tablet

Voice to Text and Recording

Complete safety form detail using standard keyboards or smart voice to text, perfect for longer, detailed comments and statements.

Nothing missed

Prevent missing information or signatures with Mandatory fields ensuring every required field is completed before the form can be submitted. No form information will ever be missed again.

Smart Question Routing

Smart question routing guides the user and presents only the sections and questions they need to see based on responses to previous questions. So much time saved and everything complete!

Formitize Drawing Tool Animated
Sign on Glass

Integrated signatures can be captured on glass for both your team and your customers. Signatures can be automatically embedded in the correct location on the PDF and stored with the form.

Integrated Photos

Capture photos within the form and tag them with any form field data such as Time, Date, Location, User. The Drawing tool enables photos to be drawn on for additional information.

GPS, Date & Time Stamped

Every form submission is automatically GPS, time and date stamped. Each form is given a unique ID and comes with a complete audit history for instant search and tracking.

safety assessment checkilist in Formitize animated

Customisable and So Easy to Use

Clear, simple to use Safety First checklists, forms, reports and workflows. Customise button text, colors, and actions for all safety and audit scenarios to keep your people safe in a clear and easy to follow process.

Simple or Complex

Safety forms are completely customisable and can range from simple equipment checklists through to advanced Safe Work Method Statements, Risk Assessments and Audits covering all industries and requirements.

Safety First on Iphone - simple or Complex image
safety first phone image in formitize animated

Pre-Start Compliance

With Safety First option on, the field user can’t access job forms until the Safety First forms have been completed. The Safety Manager can be viewing the submitted form before the job has started!

Integrated Task Management

Tasks can be automatically generated based on the responses to the Safety Form. Perfect for Non-compliance, Incident Reports, Pre-Start Inspections and so much more. 

tasks and workflows in phone using formitize
Compliance Registers in Fomitize

Compliance Registers

Compliance Registers monitor the status of any multi-step compliance requirements. Perfect for Non-Conformance and Incident / Near Miss management. All archived with automated reminders.

Instant Access to Documentation

Resource Document Management stores all of your safety documents in one central location. Updates are instantly available to mobile users and integrated expiry notifications ensure everything is always up to date.

Safety Resources in Formitize
Awesome visibility and Tracking phone image with Formitize

Awesome Visibility

Instant visibility in the office of safety forms being submitted in the field. Be aware of issues so much faster with instant notifications to ensure the right people are always up to date and nothing is missed.

Instant Reporting

Create custom reports in just a few clicks on any of the responses to any questions in any of your safety forms. Reporting has never been easier and then simply save the report template to make it even easier for future reporting.

Instant reports in Formitize App
Safe and secure with Formitize App

Safely Archived

All of your safety forms, logs and documents securely stored and archived with instant recall. Time, Date, GPS and User stamped with unique ID and all so very easy to use and manage.

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Just Safety OR a Complete Business Solution

You can just use the forms for your business or you can benefit from all the other included business solutions.

CRM Client Database

All of your customer information in one place. Contact details, Forms, Jobs, Documents, Safety, Tasks, Communications, Quotes and Invoices all securely stored and always with you.

Safety First

Fully integrated, paperless Safety First solutions ranging from simple safety checklists through to complete Safe Work Method Statements and Risk Assessments customised to suit you .

Scheduler & Job Management

Powerful, drag and drop scheduler to manage one off and recurring jobs. Smart notifications, reminders and status updates help keep you and your clients always up to date

warehouse ipad worker
Quotes, Invoices & Expenses

Creates Quotes in seconds and convert to Job or Invoice. Automated Assistants will chase Quotes and Overdue Invoices for you, Card Payment and awesome integration with Xero and Quickbooks.

Document Management

Manage all of your documents in one place. The perfect tool for Safety, Licences, Data Sheets and so much more with custom folders and automated expiry notification.

Lead Sales Pipeline & Tasks

Maximise every sales lead or enquiry with automated follow up and integrated pipeline. Create and assign tasks manually or by automated workflows.

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