Boost Your Business with Formitize Real-Time Monitoring

Running your very own business isn’t easy. It can be quite rewarding, though, especially when you’ve got satisfied customers. Making your clients happy is a breeze – as long as you’re using the right tools in tandem with a dedicated team. So how do you find that perfect combination? How about going paperless?



Your Customers and Staff Will Love You!

When you go paperless, you’re not just creating a wonderful experience for your customers but also an amazing work environment for your mobile workforce. Your customers and your staff will thank you for this because going paperless cuts so many steps from your workflow. It actually brings your clients and workers closer together as unnecessary processes are removed from your system. This means they can deliver products and services more efficiently, in a much shorter time.

Picture this. Your field agents are on their way to their respective destinations. Armed with their tablets or smartphones, they carry all the documentation they need. Their mobile devices hold digital forms, which they complete as they fulfill their jobs. These forms include paperless quotes and invoices, the latest PDF catalogues of products and services that your company offers, and other recent company documents. The best part is you can monitor their jobs online in real time as they complete each job assigned to them. Isn’t that amazing?


Fast and Reliable Monitoring

Tracking your field agents has never been this fast and reliable. Formitize lets you monitor their progress from start to finish in real time using mobile forms that tell you where they are and how far along they are in any given job. Imagine how much time, money, and effort you will save, not to mention how satisfied your customers will be. Plus, your mobile workforce gets the job done in record speed so they can spend more time with your customers. Now that’s customer service at its best!

Tracking your field agents’ progress provides you with a clear insight into what goes on during their workday. It also gives you a glimpse of how well they are doing when it comes to serving your customers. This allows you to gather information that you can use to improve overall customer satisfaction while giving your staff room to grow and develop their skills.

That’s just one way Formitize can help make your customers happy. It doesn’t have to stop there. Aside from real-time monitoring, our paperless solution also offers better workflows, improved accuracy, more accessibility, and increased productivity. Plus, you save a lot of time, money, and effort, which you can invest in growing other areas of your business.

Don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself how Formitize can boost your business. Start your Free 30-day Trial Today!


Formitize – making paperwork paperless.

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