Formitize Announces “Safety First” Mobile Solution

Introducing a powerful new Health & Safety Solution to improve workplace safety across all industries.



Safety First

Never has it been more critical to ensure that compliant safe work methods are being followed correctly. Now, with Safety First, it has never been easier! Formitize are delighted to announce the release of the new Safety First mobile solution that provides simple to use, fully customizable, worksite health and safety solutions across all industries globally.

The Safety First solution can incorporate all safety related forms such as Job Safety Analysis (JSA’s), Toolbox Talks, Take 5’s, Pre-Start Vehicle, Equipment and General Safety Checks, Working at Heights, Confined Spaces and Hot Work Permits, Incident, Near Miss and Non-Compliance Reporting. All required safety forms are customizable and can all be managed beautifully through the one powerful, yet super simple to use, Safety First solution.


Flexibility & Simplicity

The Safety First solution can either work as a stand-alone mobile safety solution or as an integrated part of the current Formitize Job Management and Mobile Forms system.

Importantly, the Safety First forms can be completely customized depending on industry and individual client requirements from a simple pre-start checklist through to a comprehensive Safe Work Method Statement, the flexibility is a key element to the solution’s success.

Different Job Types can be automatically allocated different Safety First forms to ensure the correct safety requirements are matching the related task, every time.


How it Works

When a User receives a Job in the App, a separate Safety First section will appear containing the relevant safety forms for that job. The mobile forms include smart features such as integrated tagged photos, sign on glass signatures, time and date stamping, GPS location and more to provide higher levels of information, more efficiently. If desired, permission can be set that prevents the Job Forms being accessible until the Safety First section has been completed.

The user completes the Safety First section, the Job Forms then become accessible and the remainder of the job can be completed safely with management confident in the knowledge that all safety components have been assessed, checked and completed in a consistent, compliant format.


Management Visibility

Importantly, the Safety First forms can be separately submitted so that management have full visibility of the safety information completed from the field before the actual job has even started. Dedicated actions and notifications can be triggered based on the status of the submitted Safety First forms or even any answers contained in the forms.

The Time, Date and GPS co-ordinates of all Safety First form submissions are recorded – providing management with enhanced visibility and ensuring accountability through all safety processes.

All safety related forms are securely stored with unique ID, time, date, location and user details. All elements are fully searchable thereby providing a comprehensive audit trail and archive.


Automated Document Management and Control

All Safety First forms are automatically document managed including any document expiry details, descriptions, version control management and author details.

Even better – the solution automatically monitors the form expiry dates for you and notifies you when documents are approaching their expiry dates with multiple reminders automated from 30 days prior.


Resource Library

Also included with the Formitize solution is the powerful Resource management solution. Read-only resource documents can be added to the Resource Library such as Operating Procedures, Licenses, Registrations, Certificates, Safety Policies and MSDS’s (Material Safety Data Sheets). The same automated document control and notification system will also monitor the expiry dates of these resource documents to ensure that all documents being used are current and valid.

Resource documents are uploaded once in the secure web-based Management Portal and sync automatically to all mobile user devices. This ensures that everyone has constant access to only the latest document versions. Documents can be stored in custom named folders to suit your business.

Use as stand-alone Safety System or take advantage of all the complete Formitize paperless job management and mobile forms solutions.

Get your compliant safety solution paperless, efficient and powerful while saving time and giving you a level of awareness, recording and accountability that just haven’t been possible before – all easily customized to suit your business.

Global Release Date: 31 August 2016

Find out how Formitize can help your business with a no obligation, free 30-day trial.


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