Formitize Case Study: The White Ant Specialist

When you deal with pests, filling out paperwork could be taking up so much more time than it needs to. To become more efficient you need to update your systems and go paperless to maximize your time and personnel. This is where Formitize comes in – we formitize your existing paper forms and help you save time, money, and effort.


Simon, Owner of The White Ant Specialist, found Formitize on Facebook in the Pest Manager’s page while he was looking for a full solution to replace their paper forms and reporting. This is his story.


Simon’s Challenges


Prior to using Formitize, we had to deal with many challenges, including paperwork getting lost and tedious, manual data entry. Formitize is now our complete business solution. The Formitize Solution is game changing and it has completely streamlined the way our business operates. Formitize is good value for money. I was using another software before but I made the switch to Formitize because my former software provider’s customer service was terrible.


Simon Is Using These Solutions


I am currently using Resources (Document Management), Paperless Forms, Job Management, Job Scheduling, and CRM – Customer Management. I am also using Xero Accounting Software with Formitize. Formitize CRM has a complete two-way integration with XERO. The integration pulled all of my Xero data including Customers, Suppliers, Invoices, Purchases, Line Items and Tax Rates. It was so easy!


I am exploring the User Guide right now, it has the answers that I need when I have been using my account. Formitize Support and Customer Service is very responsive and helpful. I am very satisfied with the help that Formitize is giving me as I grow my business.


I give Formitize a rating of “10 out of 10” – it’s excellent!


Want to experience Simon’s success in using Formitize? Start your Free 30-day Trial Today!


Formitize – making paperwork paperless.

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