Formitize Feature: How to Customize Your App and Management Portal

Your Formitize app will serve you well as you use paperless forms for your business. There are several ways to customize your App and Management Portal.



What customization options are available?


In the management portal, you have the option of changing your:


  1. App Logos and Colours
  2. Form Headers and Logos
  3. PDF Reports & Invoices
  4. Management Portal logo and colours.


How do I add my logo?


On your Management Portal, Settings > Customize. From there you may upload your logo (in jpeg or png format). Please note there are two logo options, one is your regular logo that will appear on your Portal and on your PDF reports. The other is a square logo that will appear on the Home Screen of your App, we encourage you to use a square version of your logo for this.


Can I customize the App logo and colors?


You can also customise the App logo and colors on the same page. Management Portal, Settings > Customize, then Simply select your color theme.


Want to learn more about Formitize App and Management Portal and how you can customize it to suit your business? Start your Free 30-day Trial Today!


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