Formitize Feature: What is the Difference Between the App and Management Portal?

Our App is all about collecting information in the field as efficiently as possible. You can assign new jobs daily to your mobile workforce and they only need to bring their smartphones or tablets to access everything – from jobs to quotes and invoices, resources and training materials, brochures and other paperless forms – right at their fingertips. Imagine how much time, money and effort you will save in your business.


What Is the Management Portal?

The Management Portal’s core functions are to build forms, create jobs to send to the App users, and then to receive the completed forms back from the App.

You can use your Management Portal to access all of Formitize’s amazing features – from paperless reporting to job allocation – we’ve got you covered. Just think how beneficial it would be for your organization to get rid of paperwork once and for all and turn all of your paper forms into smart, mobile forms that you and your mobile workforce can access anytime, anywhere.

Do you really build the first form for free?

Yes, we build a client’s form for them as part of the Free Trial offer. We want you to get the most out of your free trial so we build an existing paper form for you and convert it into paperless form that you can use straight away.

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Formitize – making paperwork paperless.

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