Formitize Tip: How to Update the Formitize App

Now that you’ve installed the Formitize App, you’re probably wondering how you can maximize it for your business. Formitize provides more than just paperless forms – you also generate improved reporting capabilities, jobs management, tracking and monitoring. To gain continuous access to these amazing features, you need to keep the app updated after you have installed it.



How Do I Update the App?


The App automatically backs up and saves your work to the mobile device every 15 seconds. To update the App itself, go to your App Store and select update. We regularly release new version updates so we encourage you to tag Formitize as an app you would like to auto-update so that it automatically updated every time we release a new version.


How Often Does the App Sync?


Syncing ensures all information stored in the App is up to date. The App will sync automatically however you can push a Forced Sync to ensure the app is up to date.


To force sync the app:


  1.     Go to the Log On page on the App
  2.     Drag the whole screen down with your finger until you see the grey arrow (above the Jobs icon) change direction and point to the top of the screen.
  3.     Then release your finger, the arrow will return to the top of the screen pointing down – this forces the sync. You will see the update notifications triggering at the bottom of the page.


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