Going Paperless Can Save Lives (For Real!)

When construction worker Jordan came to work that day, not even in his wildest dreams did he think that he would plummet to the ground from the 3rd floor, break both his legs and end up in the hospital with a concussion to boot! Yes, his accident was a total surprise; and no, he never expected it to happen. After all, they did have regular risk assessments in place. He figured everything to be safe and sound for him and his co-workers. That’s why he’s now wondering, “What went wrong?”



Why You Need Mobile Risk Assessments

While it’s true that his construction site had safety measures in place, the problem was in the risk assessment reporting. Because they were still relying on paperwork, each risk assessment took days or even weeks to complete! In fact, they were still waiting for the printed report of the most recent one. That missing beam that caused his accident fell just yesterday; that’s why no one saw his accident coming.

Now, everyone knows how important risk assessments are to any construction site. Delays in risk assessments could lead to potential injuries, costly lawsuits, huge fines and even accidental deaths. Even the most common human errors could lead to fatalities!

So what should Jordan’s managers have done? They should’ve gone paperless a long time ago! That could have helped them avoid the trouble that they are now in, no thanks to the recent accident that maimed Jordan. In fact, going paperless can save actual lives. How? Read on to find out.


Going Paperless, Saving Lives

Going paperless enables fast and accurate data gathering, quick and painless reporting, and offers flexibility and visibility that mere paperwork lacks. We will formitize your paperwork – turning them into digital forms – so you never have to worry about delays, especially when it comes to your safety checks. Going paperless simplifies even the most tedious of tasks so that you and your mobile workforce can focus on what matters most in your business and ensure everyone’s safety in the process.

In a paperless workflow, management can assign mobile risk assessment forms to your staff and they can check the progress in real time. The designated staff can complete the mobile form in a matter of hours as they – using your checklist as their guide – scour your construction sites for problem areas, take notes using any mobile device, and identify vital steps that need to be taken in order to ensure safety in your site. This, in turn, could save countless lives as you pinpoint problem areas and install safety measures, thus, eliminating unwanted risks in your construction sites.

Utilizing mobile forms that you can customize to suit your business needs, you can use notifications for quick and easy communication. You can also archive your smart forms for review later. Formitize lets you add pictures as you are filling out your mobile risk assessment form. Take, tag, save, and submit photos using your iPhone forms.

The Advanced Drawing tool is fully integrated and saves so much time. Import photos, diagrams, site maps, floor plans or any image and instantly be able to draw, sketch and make comments straight onto the image. Add drawings without leaving your smart forms – great for identifying dangerous areas and hazards in your construction sites.

All these tools are right there at your fingertips – all you have to do is take the first step towards going paperless. So why not sign up for a Free Trial today and change the way you do business, while saving lives in the process.


Formitize – making paperwork paperless.

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