How Formitize’s “Safety First” Mobile Solution Can Promote Safety in Your Construction Business

Picture this. Your construction worker comes in and operates a forklift. The problem is he does this without going through your company’s safety checklist. Imagine the chaos that would ensue, should he cause an accident while using the forklift.

Now, imagine how much time and money you will save, not to mention the unnecessary stress you will avoid by simply making an updated safety checklist available to all of your workers. This is just one of the ways that Formitize’s “Safety First” mobile solution can promote safety in your construction business.



Your “Safety First” Mobile Solution

Formitize’s powerful “Safety First” Mobile Solution can improve workplace safety not only in your construction business, but also across all industries. Formitize created the “Safety First” solution to ensure that compliant safe work methods are being followed correctly. Our “Safety First” mobile solution provides simple-to-use, fully customizable, worksite health and safety solutions across all industries globally.

The “Safety First” solution can incorporate all safety related forms such as Job Safety Analysis (JSA’s), Toolbox Talks, Take 5’s, Pre-Start Vehicle, Equipment and General Safety Checks, Working at Heights, Confined Spaces and Hot Work Permits, Incident, Near Miss and Non-Compliance Reporting. All required safety forms are customizable and can all be managed beautifully through the one powerful, yet super simple to use, “Safety First” solution.


Flexibility and Simplicity

The “Safety First” solution can either work as a stand-alone mobile safety solution or as an integrated part of the current Formitize Job Management and Mobile Forms system.

Importantly, the Safety First forms can be completely customized, depending on industry and individual client requirements. From a simple pre-start checklist through to a comprehensive Safe Work Method Statement – the flexibility is a key element to the solution’s success.

Different Job Types can be automatically allocated different Safety First forms to ensure the correct safety requirements are matching the related task, every time.

Imagine how much Formitize’s “Safety First” mobile solution can improve your workflows and processes. Now, you can store, manage, and share all of your safety forms in one powerful, easy-to-use app. All you need is to download the Formitize app and off you go.

So why don’t you give your construction business a boost? Start your Free 30-day Trial Today!


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