How Technology Can Help You Grow Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you know how important technology is to your business. It helps you grow and stay ahead of your competition. Technology helps keep your business thriving with simple things – like using your smartphones or tablets to get jobs done. The power of the cloud also provides you with enough room to store vital company data and share it with your mobile workforce.



Small Businesses and the Cloud

Today, 87% of all businesses and 60% of small businesses run operations in the cloud. This means they have gone paperless. They now store information in the cloud – in digital forms spanning multiple servers and locations. Every time new data comes in, it is automatically transported into the cloud, where only authorized personnel can access it.

About 60% of SMBs find mobile apps vital for business while 84% of small businesses and 87% of medium businesses say mobile solutions complement traditional business applications. These days, mobile apps do most of the heavy lifting for small and medium business owners. Simply put, enterprise mobility has made life so much easier for entrepreneurs and consumers alike.


The Power of the Cloud

Using cloud storage has so many benefits. One, you’ll finally be rid of that pesky mountain of paperwork that’s growing in your office every single day. That gets rid of extra cost and potential fire hazard in one fell swoop. Second, your data will be secure as it will now be stored in a server somewhere. You can even create backups of your company information and keep it stored in a safe location that only you will know. Third, you can choose who you share your data with, thus, keeping it away from prying eyes.

Cloud storage is much more efficient than the old-fashioned papers stored in filing cabinets. You’ll be able to store and retrieve data in your very own management portal using convenient smart forms that you can access anytime, anywhere using a mobile device with Internet. You can even store data without Internet connection. Just input the information and it will automatically be synced with your server once Internet connection is established.

Using the cloud with mobile apps is a breeze, now that technology has opened the doors. You can even use mobile solutions to power your business. Here’s how. Using Formitize – a powerful tool for saving, storing, and sharing data – you can gather customer information in the field and upload it to your system using just a smart phone or tablet. Just upload existing paper forms or create new ones and we will help you set everything up.

Every day we are formitizing our client’s paperwork. We will formitize your paper forms and turn them into amazing mobile forms that you can use across your organization. Now you can create and dispatch new jobs to your mobile workforce in the field. They can, in turn, fill out the digital forms with pertinent customer information that they can send to you via the management portal. The management portal does most of the work for you as new data comes in every day. You can sort through the mobile forms and collate data all within the management portal. Now that’s easy data management, thanks to the power of technology.

Can we help you get your paperwork formitized? Learn more about the features and benefits you will enjoy when you make the switch to Formitize.

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