How to Choose the Right Field Data Collection Tool

When it comes to gathering data in the field, there are a few options that come close but don’t quite measure up to that of paid mobile applications or apps. Sure, you can use several free tools now and again; however, they don’t really offer the best user experience. It pays to test some options before choosing the perfect field data gathering tool for you and your business.



Your Obvious Choices

1. Online Sharing of Documents
Yes, this would seem like the perfect choice for you… until you start getting conflicted copies of the same document. Good luck trying to sort through many different versions of the same forms submitted by your mobile workforce. Sometimes, these conflicted versions make it impossible to tell which one reflects the latest update made by your field agents. This could result in lost data or conflicting results in data collection that could’ve been easy to do in the first place.

2. Spreadsheets
Sure, you would think spreadsheets are awesome for data gathering. You can create and update it using your laptop then share it with your staff. However, one very hard-to-ignore downside is that spreadsheets were made for laptops and personal computers (PC). Try updating a spreadsheet using a smartphone or tablet and you’ll see what I mean. Everyone knows a laptop is not a very good mobile workforce companion. It’s bulky and cumbersome. Plus, you’re bound to end up with multiple versions of the same document updated by a few of your field agents. This can be confusing, not to mention time consuming.

3. Free Mobile Forms
The internet has a plethora of free mobile forms that anyone can use for work or business. You can download these forms for free and start using them right now. The only problem is, these forms are not optimized for your business – meaning, you can’t expect to gather data the way you usually do. You need to customize the forms and make them compliant to your needs. Free mobile forms can only do so much. You’ll need something more reliable.


Formitize Your Paperwork

There is one way for you to achieve the pinnacle of paperless data collection without breaking the bank or losing your cool in the process. We can formitize your paperwork and turn them into mobile forms that will revolutionize the way you do business forever.

Imagine using electronic forms that have these features built in – Resources E-Library, Advanced Drawing, Photo Streaming, Scheduler and other Integrations. Your files are now saved in the “cloud” so you won’t have to worry about losing any vital information or dealing with conflicted copies of the same document. Not only do you save time, money and resources, but also improve existing workflows and systems with just one paperless solution.

Let us formitize your paperwork and show you the wonderful world of web-based forms that you can access and update anytime, anywhere.

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