How to Control Fire and Explosion Hazards in Your Business

Whatever your business is, and especially if it involves handling oil and gas, it’s imperative for you to have fire safety measures ready to avoid sudden accidental fires and explosions in your workplace. Whether it’s fire prevention or explosion management, it’s vital for your organization to always be prepared for any potential fire hazards that may arise at any time in your business. One of the most effective ways to do this is to use mobile forms to record any possible problems and to prepare a mobile checklist such as the Fire Inspector App.



Fire Safety First

You know that fire safety is paramount in your business. You have established protocols and a system that works just to ensure that your team and your business will always be safe and sound. You spend time and money just to ensure that your business meets the latest fire safety rules and regulations. You also make sure that your staff is fully prepared for whatever eventuality, in a way that allows them to control any fire or explosion problems that may arise.

Using a checklist to ensure fire safety means you won’t have to worry about fire and explosion problems anymore. The Fire Inspector App lets you list down things to check prior to performing any work on a given area or site. As you check off the list in your smart forms, you will see for yourself if your area is safe for work; plus, you will discover if there are danger areas that need your attention. Using electronic forms, you can check and double check each item to ensure that everything remains secure.


Why Going Paperless Helps

Going paperless makes fire safety and inspection easy as you get rid of those cumbersome and inefficient paper forms that are also fire hazards. Say hello to a wonderful way of meeting fire safety regulations when you formitize your paperwork. We will Formitize those old paper forms and transform them into amazing, easy-to-use digital forms.

From now on, fire inspection will be a breeze as you can use a custom-built mobile checklist. We can build your forms from scratch or use your existing forms. Your smart forms are ready for integration with popular software such as Dropbox or Google Drive so you don’t have to worry about data migration or merging with your old systems. With just a few clicks of a button, you can transfer vital data to your new mobile forms ready for your next fire inspection.

Every time your mobile workforce performs a fire inspection, they can simply whip out the mobile checklist, tick off each item and even access existing rules and regulations that you had previously stored in the Resources eLibrary. The best thing about this is that you can choose to store and share only the latest versions of your fire safety regulations or manuals. When your team needs to use it, they can open and access the latest version only. This means that your system will always be up-to-date.

There are so many ways to ensure fire safety, especially now that you’ve got technology working for you. Using smart forms as your mobile fire safety checklist, you can prepare for anything and everything. Let us formitize your paperwork and give you a fresh perspective in fire safety.

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