Major Feature Release: Automated Invoice Attachment to Jobs

Jobs can now be dispatched with invoices automatically created and attached.

Attaching an Invoice when creating a Job

You can now attach an invoice when creating a job that will automatically be linked to the job. The new Invoice field is situated under Job Type.

A: The new Invoice field is situated under Job Type



Invoice Options

As seen in the image above, when you click on the Invoice dropdown, you have three choices:

No Invoice: this will dispatch the job with no invoice attached.

Add New Invoice: this will open the invoice page with all contact details and payment terms automatically populated, ready to simply add the invoice line items for the job, or

Attach Job to Existing Invoice: this will present all existing invoices related to the client selected, enabling you to assign the job to an existing invoice. This is particularly useful for businesses that invoice before doing the job.

B: Three options for Invoice setup: No Invoice, New Invoice or Attach Job to Existing Invoice


Job Type Default Invoices

To save even more time, if you are using the Formitize “Jobs Types” feature (an efficiency tool enabling you to create templates for each different type of job you perform), you can now add the default invoice line items to the Job Type template.

This means that whenever you create a job and select the job type, not only will all the default fields, forms and settings auto-populate, but an invoice for that job will also automatically be created with the default line items and amounts for that job type.

C: New Line Items Tab added to Job Type Template Settings to add default invoices to jobs

You can override the Job Type default line items or amounts on a per job basis if needed either before dispatching the job or by the user when completing the job in the field (providing the app user has permission to view and edit).

When the Job Type is selected, the Invoice Option changes to “Job Type Invoice” indicating that an invoice has been created based on the Job Type template settings. The “Open” option enables the invoice details to be viewed and adjusted if necessary.

C: Invoice Status description updates to reflect “Job Type Invoice” option has been selected.


Job Type Default Invoices

When the Job is dispatched, both the Job ID and the new Invoice Number are created and shown in the New Job page.

D: Job Number and Invoice Number auto-populate as soon as job is dispatched.


Changes for the Mobile App User

The changes made are reflected in the Mobile App also. When the mobile user receives the new job, it will now appear as an entry in the Job Page. The main differences are:

The Invoice Number now appears in the Job Details.

The Invoice Status also appears as a tab on the right hand side. Status options are Unpaid, Overdue and Paid

E: Invoice Number, Company, Contact and Invoice Paid Status all appear in Job Page

When the job is then opened in the App, the new Invoice section appears under the Job Details.

F: New Invoice Section appears under Job Details. User can click to expand and reveal Invoice Details.

When the Invoice Section is clicked, it will expand to reveal all invoice details.

G: Expanded Invoice section shows invoice details and Invoice Options.

The expanded sections show all invoice details including line items and amounts.

There are four option buttons related to the Invoice – PDF (to view the PDF version of the Invoice), EDIT (to adjust the Invoice details), PAY (to record and take card payment for the invoice) and EMAIL (to send a copy of the Invoice, or Paid Invoice) directly to the customer.


Invoice Module also Updated

The invoice module is also updated automatically with the new invoice details and the Paid Status.

G: New Invoice created from Job is automatically added to the Invoice List with details and Status

The end result is a huge saving in time with the option to automatically generate invoices attached to jobs with pre-populated line items and amounts. The permission settings determine whether or not the Mobile App User can view the invoice details. If not, the whole invoice procedure can automatically happen in the background as the jobs are created and completed.

Just another way Formitize continues making paperwork, paperless!

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