New to Formitize? Get to Know Your Management Portal

Going paperless is the easiest and cheapest way for you to run your business. In this digital age, it makes sense to store all of your company data in mobile forms that you can access using any gadget – from personal computers and laptops to smartphones and tablets. Formitize lets you do this and so much more. In fact, you’re guaranteed a seamless workflow that you can improve on from start to finish.

Formitize lets you work on your business without worrying about losing precious time or data. Your mobile workforce will thank you for enhancing their productivity and they will repay you with increased efficiency, which means more happy clients for your business. Meanwhile, your customers will love your products and services even more, as they are able to avail of what you have to offer in an easy, time-saving manner.

At Formitize, we’re constantly coming up with new features and upgrades to guarantee that your experience using our paperless app is amazing. We’ve been adding new features designed to improve your business and increase productivity all around.



How Formitize Works

Formitize replicates the old paper forms you’re currently using and converts them into smart forms that work with or without Internet connection – via your App or secure website.

We then add a whole range of smart features to make the digital forms work better and provide management with real-time information and reporting. These features include Time and Date Stamping, GPS Location, Automated Calculations (to prevent any mathematical mistakes), Mandatory Fields (to stop sections being missed), Barcode Reading (that can pull all related data into the form), On-screen Signature collection, and so much more.

Once the form is completed, it is stored securely in your Management Portal for you to edit or view later. We can then generate customized PDF’s, email notifications, and paperless reports using the data collected in the mobile forms.

Finally, we have a full API that enables us to integrate with existing systems so all data collected can be passed in the right format into the existing systems.


So, What Is the Management Portal?

The Management Portal is the main control center for your account. It is a secure website. The Portal is where you manage your account details, settings, and user permissions.

Would you like to explore how Formitize Management Portal works? Check out this video:

You can just use the Mobile App for most day-to-day activities. However, there are a number of elements that are only available in the Management Portal like the Full Scheduler, the Account Customizations, and User Settings.

The Management Portal is where all account details and setup elements are managed. However, once you have completed this, you can run almost everything from the Mobile App so please be sure to see the separate Demonstration on the Mobile App.

The Portal is best viewed on a larger screen like your desktop or laptop and is optimized for the Google Chrome browser.

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