Release of Feature Rich New Management Portal

We are delighted to announce the release of our new Management Portal. The fresh new, fully responsive Portal includes a great new layout, lots of additional features but just as importantly, has the underlying architecture ready for the exciting next generation of Formitize.



Tablet View and Phone View of the New Portal

Following right behind the release of the new Portal is the next generation of Formitize which will include a fully integrated Customer Management System (CRM) with integrated Job Management. For a long time clients have been telling us that all that is needed to “close the loop” and make Formitize a standalone solution is the CRM so we finally gave in. A huge amount of planning and consultation has been undertaken and significant investment made in developing the new components and our team are super excited about the capabilities and features being added.


The new, fully responsive, feature rich portal sets framework for next generation.

The new CRM is being designed from the ground-up and is focused on delivering a solution that will enable a sole trader to manage their complete business smoothly and simply without leaving the App. Intuitive automation and really smart technology will play a big role in providing powerful tools that are super simple to use and automated “Assistants” to run in the background making life simpler for small business operators. Our large clients will also appreciate many of the new features coming with seamless integration and powerful Job and Client focused tools being added.


Formitize – making paperwork paperless.

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