Six Amazing Things You Can Expect from Formitize App

Do you struggle with your business day in and day out trying to juggle various tasks each day just to stay on top of the game? Are you getting tired of having to deal with paperwork every single day without any hope of getting things done because paper just keeps piling up with no hope of lessening? If this is the case, then it may be time for your business to go paperless. Formitize provides smart, accurate mobile formsthat let you take care of various areas of your business and never have to worry about anything else ever again.



Here are some of the amazing features that you can expect from Formitize App:

1. In Form Signatures
Quickly obtain customer or user signatures with our fully integrated signature capture function available in your smart forms. Time and date stamping together with GPS positioning ensures powerful signature integration.
Automatically embed the collected signatures into the correct position on your report and instantly email it to the customer as a complete record. Collect multiple signatures with ease using your iPad forms.

2. Automated Date Stamping
Integrated Time and Date stamping provides both time saving and additional accountability benefits. Use your paperless forms to auto-populate the Time and Date fields to save time and ensure greater accuracy. The App is also a very powerful time sheet or time logging tool. Compare the actual time logged to the User input to ensure greater accountability and accuracy from your mobile workforce.

3. Conditional Logic
Responsive intelligence adds a whole new dimension to your mobile forms’ efficiency. Deal only with relevant sections, open up new sections where further information or actions are required, and let your smart forms develop its own direction as your customers provide the responses.

4. Drawing & Diagrams
You can draw maps including ‘free hand’ and ‘snap to grid’ quickly and easily with this feature fully integrated in your iPhone forms. Overlay Drawing lets you take the drawing feature one step further with the Formitize image overlay feature. This enables you to draw over standard template backdrops. This powerful feature is widely used in the medical sector.

5. Resource E-Library
Have all company documents, safety policies, sales literature and more instantly to hand. Upload the document via your Management Portal and all mobile users have instant access latest version of all documentation. The perfect Version Control tool!

6. Internal Form Data
Incorporate simple or complex inter-relational lookup tables and databases into the App that are accessible through your form fields. Ideal for product data, customer information, site or contact details- all immediately accessible as you complete your electronic forms.


Why You Should Act Now

Every day that passes by that you’re still dealing with paperwork means less profits and may even cause losses for you and your business. You need to act now in order to gain much from going paperless. There’s so much for you to gain when you choose to use Formitize in your business. Convert that annoying, bulky paperwork into smart, accurate mobile forms so you can finally say goodbye to your old, inefficient system and say hello to your new and improved business system.

Explore the world of paperless technology with Formitize. Can we help you get your paperwork formitized?

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