Using Enterprise Mobility to Boost Productivity in Your Business

The rising trend of enterprise mobility has brought about the use of smartphones and tablets in the workplace, as well as the increasing use of mobile apps to enhance workflow. Every day, workers around the world are using their own gadgets to increase efficiency and boost productivity at the workplace or in the field. As a business owner, you need to understand how important it is for your mobile workforce to bring their own device and use mobile apps to make their workload light and easy.



Why Bring Your Own Device?

The Bring Your Own Device or BYOD phenomenon has opened so many new doors of opportunities for workers around the globe, especially with the rising use of mobile apps. The concept is simple. A worker uses his smartphone or tablet to access a mobile app in the field – one that allows them to become more efficient at performing their tasks and cuts their time spent on certain tasks in half. By bringing and using their own mobile device, workers save time, money and resources as they eliminate the need to come into the office and they can go directly to the field armed with nothing but their smartphones or tablets plus a mobile app, ready to take care of customers.


Smart and Secure Data Collection

Data gathering becomes an easy task as your mobile workforce collects information using smart forms created with a mobile app like Formitize. Every data entered into the app is stored in the “cloud” for use later. This lowers the occurrence of errors and mistakes as data entry becomes digitized. Managers can access these digital forms using the management portal that comes with our mobile app. Only people with assigned usernames and passwords can access these paperless forms, thus ensuring premium security.

Every single step of this new paperless process eliminates waste in terms of time, money and resources as your workflows become tighter and more efficient. The time saved alone could convert into money and resources saved. For instance, your field agent can attend to your customers’ needs right away because all they need is a working device to access your mobile app and take note of your customers’ problems, which they can also address immediately, if the situation permits.

Unlike before when they had to rush to and from your office to pick up job orders and rush to the site where all they can do is jot down the issues using paper forms, which they must deliver to the office before they can take any action. Today, not only can your mobile workforce take notes, they can also take action immediately. Once the mobile forms are completed, they can submit their job orders and recommend measures for you to approve. This can happen in a matter of minutes. Upon approval, your field agent can implement the recommendations and your customers will be delighted to see instant results as all of this can be done in real time.

Imagine how much savings you will enjoy in your business when you open your doors to enterprise mobility, BYOD and Formitize. Can we formitize your paperwork for you?

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