What You Can Do with CRM Customer Documents

Are you still wondering how to best maximize your time and assets to grow your business, find more customers and earn more money? Perhaps now you’re more open to new systems and processes for your business to grow and flourish. Now that you’ve chosen to embark in this journey to paperless technology, it’s high time for you to learn about the many features and benefits that Formitize offers. There are a number of things you need to know. One of them is how to manage your CRM Dashboard.   What Is a CRM? The Formitize CRM is a fully integrated, cloud-based Customer Relationship Management system. It is basically your customer database, designed to store your customer and supplier contact information and to record all communications, transactions, job details, sales leads, quoted invoices and history with those contacts. While the CRM works beautifully as a stand-alone solution for any business, it is perfect for field based teams with job management, job scheduling and automated reminder solutions integrated.  

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