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Are you sick and tired of paperwork? If you’ve been stuck taking care of paperwork in the past, you’re probably aware of the awful headaches that come with managing mountains of paper files. All that data-entry and redundant processes can’t be good for your business. Spending too much time, money and effort on gathering and storing customer information using old-fashioned means (such as paper) is a foolish endeavor, especially now that there’s a flood of paperless apps in the market.



Why Paperless? Why Not?

When you choose to go paperless, you will experience a massive change in the way you do business. You will, in fact, witness amazing improvements in your workflows and productivity. Your staff will experience it too. Surely, your mobile workforce will thank you for adopting enterprise mobility in your business. Going paperless affects everyone in your company – from you, the business owner, to your management and rank-and-file employees. You free up a LOT of time, money and resources when you go paperless.

Now that you’ve opened your business doors to Formitize, you can begin your amazing journey by implementing paperless workflows and systems. Our paperless app offers a myriad of features and benefits that you can customize for your individual business needs. One of these amazing offerings from Formitize is the integrations feature where you link our paperless app to third-party software that you are already using or keen on trying. These include Stripe, MailChimp, Capsule CRM, Quickbooks, Google Docs and more.


Formitize’s Xero Integration

Formitize also works with Xero – giving you and our other clients the best digital experience ever. This two-way integration revitalizes old, lagging workflows by giving you the option to use the information that you already have stored in your Xero account and populate your mobile forms on our app using that data. This simplifies your jobs, as the need to manually type every detail is removed from your workflow. This process is not just quick and easy but also efficient and accurate, as you remove the common errors that come with manually typing everything. Just think of how much time you will save by simply connecting Formitize with your existing Xero account!


Here’s How It Works:
On the Formitize mobile forms side, when your mobile workforce are completing their smart forms, they can “pull” information from Xero straight into their mobile forms in the field. Populate paperless forms with instant access to customer’s details and contact information. Retrieve product item details, such as code, description, tax rate and pricing, and order details from Xero to instantly populate mobile forms automatically. Imagine the time saved and accuracy achieved with all data being populated automatically from Xero.


Most of our clients love the way our paperless app integrates with Xero and they have shared their experiences with us:

“I recommend Formitize to every business; it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Super easy to use and very professional. With the Formitize integration, my Xero invoices are so easy and quick to send.”
Todd Goodwin
Owner, Intercept Termite and Pest Solutions

“Great software – and it links effortlessly to Xero. No more double handling of accounts.”
Edward A. Gaughan

Formitize also works with third-party apps – including software that you already know and love! Plus, you can integrate Formitize with third-party apps on Zapier. It’s high time to explore the vast array of software that you can use with our paperless app. Don’t have Formitize yet? No worries! Start your Free 30-day Trial Today!


Formitize – making paperwork paperless.

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